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Seeking a Passionate Digital Marketer

We are seeking to hire an Inbound or digital marketer for a full-time position to support the execution and strategic initiatives of our projects in Charlotte, NC. This candidate will work on an account team, leading strategic initiatives or work more autonomously to guide specialized marketing efforts focusing on inbound marketing and B2B lead generation.

You would be given freedom to define strategy, manage campaigns, and act as an inbound advisor to clients and other team members.

Responsibilities for this position will include managing and reporting using analytics, marketing planning, web research, campaign planning, marketing campaign execution, Hubspot and marking technology management, and other marketing efforts to support the team.

Our ideal candidate would be self-driven, have a propensity for learning and is skilled with an array of online marketing disciplines. The candidate should possess experience with inbound marketing, analytics, and strong communication skills. The candidate will be responsible for earning appropriate certifications in the field of marketing before or during their role at the agency.


We will expect the candidate to complete a minimum of four certifications in the first six months. The certification may include, Hubspot certification, Inbound Sales, Google Analytics, Client Success certifications--if they do not already possess it. The candidate will be required to maintain their certifications, year after year, and further expand their education qualifications.  In addition, we will require our candidate to participate in all Ironpaper education programs and self-study activities to sharpen their skills with marketing.

About the company and culture:

We are a small and growing digital agency based in NYC. We have a collaborative team and a great company culture, which is important to how we work. Clients view us as strategic partners, and because education, passion and learning are central to how we operate, we earn this trust with clients.

Our clients:

Our projects are primarily focused on digital marketing for technology companies, SaaS companies, B2B enterprises and nonprofits.

We are looking for someone:
  • Can work full-time
  • Based in Charlotte NC
  • Professional experience as a digital marketer
  • Propensity or desire to learn web analytics: Hubspot, Google Analytics and other analytic tools
  • Adwords and PPC management (or desire to learn quickly)
  • Strong writing skills
  • Organized & clear communicator
  • Loves working on web projects
  • A balance of analytical and creative
  • Willing to meet our certification requirements
  • Desire for on-going learning in field of digital marketing and analytics

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Digital marketing job in Charlotte
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Digital Marketer Job in Charlotte

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Ironpaper has been based in NYC since 2002. In 2015, Ironpaper opened it's second location in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our NYC and Charlotte, NC teams work together to create results-driven campaigns and work to help our clients grow their organizations.

Our work includes lead generation, sales nurturing, retention campaigns, analytics, website design, SEO, advertising, content marketing, and web development. As a full-service digital agency, we are well positioned to help our clients eliminate wasteful marketing practices and focus on efforts that lead to a measurable ROI.