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Marketing Your B2B Technology Company? You Need These Tools

As a B2B technology marketer, you no doubt want the best technology to help your marketing efforts. Thankfully, we live in an era of innovative marketing technology. And you can invest in tools for important B2B marketing functions: like content marketing, …

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4 Ways HubSpot Workflows Will Nurture Your Leads Better

HubSpot is an incredible tool for lead nurturing. But few marketers know how to use HubSpot workflows to their full capabilities. Why not use all the tools in your toolkit? Here, we’ll show you the best ways to improve your lead nurturing …

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The Increasing Importance of Mobile for Marketing

In a year-ending roundup of SEO trends, strategist Gianluca Fiorelli stated “Mobile search is all search.” Observing Google is shifting to mobile-first indexing, he noted, “after 18 years of prioritizing desktop, now we have to prioritize mobile.” This blog addresses …

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6 Benefits of Microsites

Marketers understand the value of focusing on specific campaign goals. A microsite represents one more way to do this effectively. For many brands, their primary website represents a political hurdle where frequent updates, marketing experiments and timely updates present a challenge for …

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How to increase lead generation with a focused call-to-action (CTA)

Whether the phenomenon is deemed the choice paradox or analysis paralysis, most people have experienced an inability to decide when confronted with too many options. Marketers aim to appeal to an audience, by educating and delighting. This doesn’t mean piling …

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Digital Marketing Spending Trends in the US and Globally

Digital marketing spending trends in the US and globally offer valuable insight into the industry today. One encouraging finding is Forrester Research’s forecast that digital marketing spending will continue to rise through 2019. The research firm forecast an increase from …

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iOS Mobile Market Stats — Understanding the Apple Audience

Even before the great earbud controversy of 2016, Apple was facing steep competition for global mobile market share. This article’s collection of iOS mobile market stats are telling about the 1 billion active mobile users of Apple. Apple Market Share …

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5 Best Practices for IT Websites

Spending on worldwide information technology continues to grow with IDC predicting the market will reach $2.252,9 billion this year and $2,461.1 billion by 2019. That’s a lot of market share up for grabs, but how does IT marketing standout? Try …

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Best Practices for SaaS lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is an essential component of marketing success across industries, even in the Software as a Service (SaaS) vertical. Adhering to best practices for SaaS lead nurturing can improve your site wide conversion rate, improve demo sign-ups, and increase sales.   …

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Nonprofit Sector Stats & Trends in the Nonprofit Industry

The nonprofit sector is experiencing several transformative shifts bringing new challenges and opportunities. The biggest among these are the changing demographics of givers, tumultuous economic and political dynamics, and technological innovations, according to The Philanthropy Outlook 2016 & 2017. The …

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SaaS Market Size Forecast

What is the size of the saas market? Forecasts vary in estimating software-as-a-service (SaaS) market size, but there is consensus the market is poised to expand. The growth is due to organizations of all sizes becoming comfortable with cloud software …

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10 Trends in Web Design Today

With 93% of buying cycles beginning with an online search, a business website needs to efficiently communicate value proposition, aesthetically appeal to users, and offer optimal user experience — across devices. After all, 40% of smartphone and tablet owners search for …

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Does Design Matter for Lead Generation?

There once was a time, ages ago, or at least decades ago, when Internet visitors wouldn’t question a website with a stodgy layout, some distracting link colors (too often fluorescent), and generic clip art. We all know those days are gone. Design is …

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Responsive Web Design Statistics That Matter

Relevance is a key element of marketing success. Your website is no longer relevant today if it is not mobile-friendly. You need Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design, or RWD for short, is one of the more effective ways to …

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Internet of Things Market Statistics – 2016

Researchers usually undermine hype. Yet, recent studies weighing the potential impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) are consistently feeding the excitement. Before we get into the numbers — and there are many to share — here’s a quick primer …

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What is Growth Driven Design?

Maybe you see yourself as a modern day Tevye embracing “tradition” as enthusiastically as he does to begin Fiddler on the Roof. Yet, a thoughtful comparison of traditional web design to growth driven design may be compelling enough to have …

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Ready to Launch? A Marketing Checklist for New Product Launches

A Simple Marketing Checklist for New Product Launches Marketing requires a mix of smart, goal-driven strategy and data-driven, adaptive execution. Having a solid plan in place prior to your marketing product or offer launch can yield far better results than …

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The Importance of a Mobile Responsive Website

Responsive design is a way of designing and developing a website so the content, images, and site structure provide an optimal, seamless viewing experience across a wide variety of devices — from desktop to tablet to smartphone. As of April 21, …

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Internet of Things Market Statistics – 2015

The internet of things is already upon us. To be convinced of this, all one has to do is visit an Apple Store and browse the connected home section to see IoT permutations made for consumer play. The internet of …

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Is WordPress an enterprise level CMS?

WordPress is the world’s top and most popular Content Management System (CMS), and the platform is used by about one fourth of all websites across the globe. Additionally, WordPress is used for websites large and small–as it is highly adaptive to the needs …

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CMO guide to marketing automation

Benefits of marketing automation for enterprises. Guide to marketing automation for CMOs. Guide to help CMOs understand the benefits of marketing automation. Reasons to consider marketing automation for enterprises and business.

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Best practices for website performance

Website performance is a critical part of user-experience, but many web designers forget many website performance best practices. Following these best practices for website performance can help to dramatically improve a site’s user-experience, scalability and SEO. Website performance best practices These …

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Getting started with the WordPress Loop

Perhaps the most important thing to learn in WordPress for a web developer is the loop. It’s the backbone of WordPress web design. The loop allows us to display any content from the WordPress CMS and give that content form, …

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Benefits of WordPress for enterprise websites

Using Wordpress for enterprise websites. Enterprise blogging capabilities of Wordpress. Best practices and tools to power corporate websites. Wordpress is the most popular CMS on the planet, and here is why it can be used for the enterprise.

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Building an audience with Facebook applications

Sure, Facebook is a social network used commonly for ranting, raving and sharing vacation photos. Facebook is also a platform. Web developers can build applications within the Facebook environment or that use Facebook data within external applications or websites. Facebook …

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Develop an effective association website

Considerations for designing an effective association website. Examples on how to create an effective association website. 3 planning steps for association websites.

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What is iterative web design?

An overview of web design iteration Iterative web design is a methodology based on a cyclic process of prototyping, designing, testing, analyzing, and refining a website. We recommend iteration with membership websites and social networks (among other types for example). …

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Blogging Today. The Choices You Don’t Know About.

Although social conversation, utilizing networks like Twitter, StumbleUpon and Facebook, have affected how we publish content online, blogging, and the integration of blog technologies, remains an important cornerstone of the web. Social networks help build audience and extend the reach …

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Defining B2B marketing lead segments

Defining customer/client segments and profiles is a vital part of the B2B marketing planning process. These segments are based on the differences in your customer base and can be used to create and define content strategy and messaging. For example, …

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The importance of social sharing

Social sharing is a vital part of online community building–whether be it a simple trade forum or a complex social network. Social sharing can help build traffic for a website and further marketing performance goals. For a user, finding valuable …

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