Mobile strategy for national retail chain

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Retained by Total Wine & More, the nation’s largest spirits chain with over 120 superstores from coast to coast, the question was simple. How do we build a digital relationship with our customers at all the appropriate touch points?

And how do we do so on a national level? With an unbelievably large inventory of worldwide wines, we set out to build an intimate relationship with their customers..

Working closely with a variety of their department leads including marketing, product inventory, in-store management, online sales channels and IT we developed solutions that not only have met top-level business requirements but have also integrated seamlessly with internal systems.

Total Wine kiosk

Take our in-store kiosks. Tasked with building a more intimate relationship with customers without increasing employee headcount, we set out to drive unsure wine lovers to the appropriate wine selections independent of a customer representative. Assisting customers to their appropriate wine selection is being handled by a series of advanced iPad kiosks throughout the stores. Users can easily pair their food preparations with appropriate wines, discover interesting recipes, email themselves and their friends.

The kiosks also brought business solutions beyond the customer including integration with Total Wine & More’s central inventory and pricing systems to offer custom pricing and inventory store by store. The kiosks also talk with their internal networks, again allowing for centralized software management, data capture and response. Sponsorship opportunities have offset production costs while increasing targeted visibility. And the kiosks themselves have transformed the customer service relationship as more aware customers have consistently formed a deeper relationship with Total Wine.

Total Wine mobile app recipes

Of course driving in-store traffic also requires an online relationship that combines personalization for both the customer and the retailer. So bringing a distributable version of the Food Pairing application to the iOS and Android stores was a natural progression. Downloaded an average of 750 times every 7 days, the app has increased in-store traffic and select wine purchase.

Total Wine tablet / ipad app

Personalizing the unique in-store experience while incorporating social media into the mix was crucial. And empowering key managers was central in our Facebook strategy with the national chain. So we launched several custom Facebook Applications powered by central inventory and individual store tastes. Whether through social contests, realtime publishing, in-store product availability or on-line traffic building, each of our solutions have set out to engage the customer in rich, meaningful ways, infuse the digital platform as primary calls to action, and empower the key stakeholders in ways they never might have imagined.

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  • Mobile strategy for national retail chain
  • Mobile strategy for national retail chain
  • Mobile strategy for national retail chain