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Security warning for all versions of Internet Explorer

The US Department of Homeland Security posted a warning of vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser on their US-CERT website. The vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to...

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So Long IE7. Companies Elect to Replace PCs Over Supporting Internet Explorer 7.

It's cheaper to purchase a new computer than to keep supporting Microsoft's legacy browser. NursingJobs, a company that connects nurses with medical facilities and patients, said they will buy new...

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Mozilla Firefox 23 to take a hard line against mixed SSL web content

Mozilla Firefox 23 is taking a stance against a common bad practice of websites providing mixed secure SSL and non-SSL content on a web page. This update is actually a big change for the web browser....

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Google Responds to Data Privacy Day

Every January 28th is Data Privacy Day in order to bring awareness to user privacy and protection of information online. Last week, Google released its bi-annual Transparency Report outlining...

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Google’s Chrome web browser dropped 0.17 percent in January

Google’s Chrome web browser dropped 0.17 percent in January 2012. Perhaps it is because Google penalized Chrome after a botched sponsored blog post campaign. The chart comes from Net Applications...

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Web designers most hated browser is almost a thing of the past

For years, Internet Explorer 6 has been the butt of many jokes. To Econsultancy, a UK-based marketing association, "IE6 may be the worst web browser ever created." The browser has been chided by web...

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Web traffic for Internet Explorer drops below 50%

For more than a decade, Internet Explorer has claimed more than 50% of the Internet's traffic. For the first time, Internet Explorer's web traffic fell below 50% in October 2011. Microsoft's browser...

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Firefox 7 focuses on a speedy web

Mozilla has released Firefox 7 web browser, which promises to be speedier than previous versions. This is great news for most all web users, as websites demand more from their browsers. The...

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Adobe Systems is introducing a new application codenamed Muse. Built on its AIR platform, Muse lets users create and publish Web sites in the company's InDesign or Illustrator software. Adobe...

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Firefox 8 will kill unauthorized add-ons

Firefox 8 will automatically block web browser add-ons that are installed by other software. Users may manually approve the add-ons and make them active, but until they do, the add-ons will be...


Marketing Opportunities for B2B IoT Companies

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