Google’s Hummingbird Changes Everything.

Google has just announced Hummingbird, its first new algorithm for its search engine since 2001. Although Google periodically releases updates and enhancements, most of which have had a significant impact (The Penguin and Panda releases come to mind), this is …

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Google Launches Web Designer, a WYSIWYG Application for Creating HTML5 Ads.

Google recently launched Web Designer, a “professional-quality design tool,” now officially in public beta for Mac and Windows. Google created Web Designer to allow advertisers to easily create HTML5 ads for mobile and desktop. Web Designer aims to be the …

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Google Responds to Data Privacy Day

Every January 28th is Data Privacy Day in order to bring awareness to user privacy and protection of information online. Last week, Google released its bi-annual Transparency Report outlining requests for user data as well as how often Google will …

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