Responsive Design

Study: 69% of Responsive Design Mobile Sites Have An ‘Unacceptable’ Load Time

Picture it: you’re doing some shopping for your apartment, and you want to check what the next store has to offer on your mobile phone before walking inside, as you are unsure if they have the product you need. You …

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Google gains on Facebook for web app logins

The marketshare of social login APIs. What is Google’s API marketshare? What is Facebook’s API marketshare? Both Google+ and Facebook offer API login functionality, which essentially acts as a passport system to allow third-party web developers to build authentication systems.

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Study Indicates Only 11% of Top Companies Use Responsive Design

A new report for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) indicates that very few company’s websites are designed and coded to be Responsive. Responsive Design, which has emerged as the most effective technique to build a modern website, controls how a …

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