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We are hiring freelance writers. 

Please only apply if you are interested in a freelance opportunity. 

Budget & Pricing:

The form will ask you for standard pricing for writing a 450 word blog article, which allows us to better understand your cost range. You will have an opportunity to clarify your level of effort for this blog article example if we work together. Usually when we work with a freelance writer, we try to keep a fixed cost structure for blog articles of a similar length and level of effort.



Please remember to submit a relevant portfolio example, preferably in a subject specific to the tech space: IT, enterprise technology, Internet of Things, cloud, data, VoIP, ERP, SaaS, CIO/CTO strategy, cybersecurity or other high tech subjects. Additionally, you can submit a portfolio example in the non-tech space such as: real estate, nonprofit, inbound marketing, sales enablement, inbound sales or other marketing and sales related subjects.



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"I love working in a company that has a smart, supportive, and driven team."