4 Common B2B Lead Generation Mistakes

4 Common B2B Lead Generation Mistakes

B2B lead generation involves inciting interest in your company, brand, product or service, usually using digital channels in order to generate a sales inquiry. Once the prospect’s interest has been piqued, your company captures their contact information via call, email, chat or form submission. These leads can then be nurtured with relevant content and communications until they are sales-ready.

When it comes to generating B2B leads for your company, there are some tactics that simply work better than others. And, there are some mistakes that need to be avoided at all costs because they are ineffective, outdated, and off-putting to today’s B2B buyers. To that end, here are the four most common B2B lead generation mistakes companies make, plus what to do instead to ensure your lead generation efforts are successful:

1. Ignoring social media. We have found social media to be incredibly important to B2B marketing, because it’s an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise, attract qualified leads, broaden your reach, and educate prospects. Plus, 75 percent of B2B buyers and 84 percent of C-level executives use social media to support their purchase decisions. In other words, by ignoring social media you miss out on a tremendous opportunity to reach and engage with your target market.

To get started embracing social media, identify the channels most appropriate to your industry. In general, B2B companies will fare well on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Aim to post a few times a day, and present calls-to-action in your updates and on web pages that receive social media traffic, like articles, eBooks, and white papers. (A call-to-action, or CTA, is an instruction to perform an immediate action, such as “enter your email address to receive regular updates from our company.”)

2. Not meeting your target buyers where they are. The number one rule of lead generation is to meet your target buyers where they are. And today, that means getting online and focusing your efforts on digital channels. The reality is that 94% of B2B buyers report conducting some degree of research online before making a business purchase. By creating original, gated content that shows up in their search results during the research stage, you can capture qualified leads who are actively looking to make a relevant purchase. (Gated content is a piece of premium, branded content that requires the prospect’s contact information to gain access.)

3. Operating without a strategy or budget. Attempting to generate B2B leads without a defined digital strategy, content strategy, and budget is not likely to accomplish your company’s goals. Instead, take the time to establish a well-defined strategy according to your core objectives. Then, allocate an appropriate budget to social media, content marketing, SEO, and inbound marketing. We recommend revisiting your strategy regularly to measure how effective it is at generating leads, and to identify which aspects need to be refined or eliminated. This will ensure that your strategy is always optimized for the current environment and market.

4. Cold calling and sending spam emails to a purchased list. According to research by Huthwaite, 91 percent of B2B buyers never respond to an unsolicited inquiry, and 88 percent will have nothing to do with cold callers. These tactics are disruptive, ineffective, and not representative of what today’s buyers are interested in. As such, they are a waste of your organization’s time. Instead, we recommend investing resources in inbound marketing for lead generation, which is far more effective at attracting qualified buyers, prospects, and partners to your company.

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