Launching a Global Business with Shell Catalysts & Technologies


Ironpaper first connected with Shell Catalysts & Technologies (SC&T) in 2018 after Shell’s Catalyst, Licensing & Services businesses, which previously operated independently under three separate brands, began operating as one business under one brand. As the rebranding process was underway, SC&T’s leadership recognized the importance of a cohesive marketing department that could drive meaningful business outcomes and effectively demonstrate its value globally to the sales force.

“What we were struggling with before we brought Ironpaper into the fold… was that we really didn’t have a sales and marketing relationship,” says Tamara Burkholder, Marketing Communications and Business Operations Manager for SC&T, “We really needed to bring ourselves into the 21st century.”

To help Shell Catalysts & Technologies foster stronger sales and marketing alignment, our team has led three, core initiatives that are changing the way the organization does business:

  • Building a cohesive digital presence
  • Driving lead generation across owned and paid media
  • Developing a transparent buyer’s journey & communicating along that journey

Building a Digital Presence

The complex challenges SC&T faced when we came on board were enhanced by the fact that there was no centralized website. Instead, they had three different websites — with 350 pages between them — that needed to be unified.

That’s why we took the earliest opportunity to refine all those assets into a branded site that speaks to buyer challenges and presents clear, compelling conversion points with HubSpot forms on high-value pages. We also paid close attention to on-site SEO and built a keyword-driven strategy that was the foundation of the sitemap and blog.

We worked closely with SC&T’s leadership to define the company’s value and messaging, so it could be used on other platforms, like the LinkedIn Showcase page we built out as part of their new, digital arsenal.



Since we started tracking SERPs in Agency Analytics in late 2018, SC&T is up over 4,300 total positions. Thanks to these huge strides, we’ve become a trusted voice for SC&T’s marketing leadership to rely on. In Tamara’s own words:

“I look to them to bring me cutting edge ideas. I look to them to tell me what’s working and what’s not. They’re our guide and I really need their counsel for these things.”

Driving Lead Generation with Ads & Content

Once the LinkedIn Showcase page was set up, our team started experimenting with different ad formats to generate more followers from specific audiences and drive leads to new landing pages. As we create these campaigns, we work with a subject matter expert from Shell (often a salesperson with an engineering background) to isolate several customer value propositions and segment each one into its own ad group for testing. That way, we’re not only generating leads but also providing messaging insights in closed-loop reporting.

This is critical because it informs the sales team what to emphasize in sales conversations (demonstrating marketing’s value) and helps us generate content ideas that will have more resonance.


Because we’ve built up 10,000 followers on SC&T’s LinkedIn Showcase page and constantly refine the ads, paid social advertising accounted for 52.5% of overall lead generation in Q1 of 2020. Our content has been a huge success as well, with the assets and nurturing we’ve created around webinars generating the second-highest number of leads (noted as “other” below).

These factors are what allowed us to generate an average of 150 leads per week during the same period, with 8.4% of click-throughs converting on a landing page.


Developing a Transparent Buyer’s Journey

Much of our work for SC&T has required us to prove marketing’s value within the organization. That’s why we loved having the opportunity to educate their leadership team about the power of a transparent lead pipeline at an annual meeting in San Francisco.

“I think the most exciting thing is just to see the lightbulb go off,” Tamara said, “Ironpaper has helped us tap into that by explaining the buyer’s journey with real data and showing how people interact with us along the lead generation pipeline.”

To create this level of visibility, our team defined clear lead qualification criteria for every phase of the funnel in collaboration with the sales team. We then set up forms with questions that could qualify or disqualify contacts to improve lead quality.

After these forms were built, we mapped custom fields from HubSpot to SC&T’s CRM (with HubSpot Insight filling in the gaps), so sales could really benefit from the data that’s uncovered during the marketing process through dashboards that display this essential information.



According to Tamara, the impact of these changes is immense. “We can see that a real person — Pedro — attended a webinar and has interacted with us nine to ten times through nurturing campaigns. Thanks to that information, we now can put him into a funnel and tell the sales team to go talk to him. They’ve never seen anything like that, so it’s been huge.”

This visibility makes sure the 89 hand-raisers who asked to talk to a salesperson in Q4 2019 are contacted by someone who has deep insights into their needs and challenges.

The Impact of Our Relationship with SC&T

Though there is a ton more we’ll do with Shell Catalysts & Technologies as we continue to work with them and accelerate their account-based marketing initiatives, we are proud of the relationship we’ve built so far. Thankfully, the feeling is mutual.


“Our experience with the Ironpaper team has honestly been really wonderful. We looked for a partner who could literally be part of our marketing team and work with us as our B2B master digital agency… I think from the get-go that really has happened,” Tamara shared.

“We have given them a ton to do and I’ll be the first to tell you, it’s not easy to work with a Fortune 500 company, but they’ve been patient and persevered and been a really great partner.”

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