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The importance of social media for B2B enterprise marketing

B2C companies are not the only brands to be engaged in social media. Social media is an important part of the B2B enterprise marketing mix as well. It may be possible that social media marketing is in fact more important for …

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B2B Digital Marketing Statistics

B2B Marketing Statistics For 2014. New data and reports show the effectiveness of B2B digital marketing. Quotable statistics for B2B marketing. This collection of B2B marketing statistics for 2014 make a case for the smart adoption of Inbound marketing with data-driven decision making.

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8 Ways to Make Sure a Company Remains Digitally Relevant.

Competing in the digital world has become a complicated and committed task and one that need nurturing every day. In order for you company to remain competitive in today’s landscape consider the following as part of your overall strategies for …

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CMO guide to marketing automation

Benefits of marketing automation for enterprises. Guide to marketing automation for CMOs. Guide to help CMOs understand the benefits of marketing automation. Reasons to consider marketing automation for enterprises and business.

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B2B marketing automation best practices

Marketing automation for B2B organizations can help potential buyers throughout the conversion process–from early stage to post-sale retention. CMOs at top-performing companies indicate that their most compelling reason for implementing marketing automation is to increase revenue (79%) and get higher …

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The purpose of a website landing page

Landing pages are those areas of a website where visitors arrive after clicking an ad, a social post, a referral or a search listing. There are typically many pages on a website that acts as a natural landing pages in …

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A Fun Business Guide to Twitter

A fun business guide designed to optimize magnetism between an organization’s Twitter profile and their audience.  Twitter’s rapidly babbling brook of social consciousness has quickly become one of the most effective ways to tap into the latest and greatest content and …

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Blogging for B2B lead generation marketing

Blogging helps brands go on the offensive when attracting leads and prospects to their business. Marketers can consider blogging a form of targeting as they begin to address the specific needs and concerns of their consumers’ personas. This approach to blogging …

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The Marketing Potential of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has steeply risen in popularity over the past few years, prompting many businesses to jump on the bandwagon and attempt to not only raise the funds for an idea, but also spread awareness of their brand. Crowdfunding has steeply …

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Nurturing relationships with social media marketing

Social media marketing is not about driving direct sales. Instead, social businesses build and nurture relationships with prospects, leads, customers, advocates and partners. If you apply a pure, sales-driven mentality to your social media marketing campaigns, you will most likely …

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Content marketing strategy for software companies

Content marketing can be a powerful lead generation tool for software brands. A strong content strategy can help software businesses build trust with potential buyers, drive more leads and help convert leads to sales. Define a process Allocate resources Establish …

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Defining digital advocacy for nonprofits

Why is digital advocacy important for nonprofits? Defining digital advocacy for non profit organizations, which include the use of social media, content sharing, blogging and influencing support. Advocacy for nonprofit organizations using social media and online marketing.

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Brand journalism for enterprises

Brand journalism is increasingly becoming a way for companies to engage with prospects, leads, customers, partners and the public. Many enterprises are making the leap from being advertising centric to being content centric in their approach to marketing. Story-telling can …

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Brand journalism

Story-telling can help make brands resonate with customers. People love good stories. Stories help brands feel more “human” and allow brands to build loyalty and attraction. Brand journalism can help all stages of the customer relationship–from the early, prospect stage …

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B2B marketing from visibility to retention

The B2B buying process tends to be longer than most B2C purchases. For this reason, it is vital to understand the B2C buying lifecycle. Here are the four components of the B2B marketing lifecycle: Brand visibility & reach Acquisition Conversion …

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Improve website conversion rates

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics to measure on a business website. There are a number of factors that an organization can optimize to improve website conversion rate. Improve website conversion rates by optimizing these factors: Provide …

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How to Handle Marketing Disasters

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is a fantastic tool to reach audiences far and wide about your products and services. But sometimes even the biggest of companies can experience digital marketing disasters. Workers should know how to approach and …

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Linking to other blogs

Build good will; support great blogs & be more relevant The web has many communities of writers, thinkers and creators. Blogging can be a way to interact with this community, as well as express thought-leadership. Linking to other blogs can …

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ROI-driven digital marketing for destination websites

Digital marketing for hotel websites, tourism websites, museums, parks and other destinations. Measuring ROI and CPA for destination marketing. ROI for tourism marketing.

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Product launch digital marketing

Many marketers understand that product launches don’t always demonstrate their worth in the first year. For product launches, marketers need to create the proper buzz, educate about the product and build relationships. These activities need to be measured for performance, …

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Simple ways to get help with content creation

Content creation can be central to an Inbound marketer’s daily efforts. There are many sources a marketer can turn to for help with creating new content for a brand website, blog, email, campaigns and ads. Finding inspiration for blogging can …

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Writing Tips for Social Media Advertising

Unfortunately, success is not always measured by how much effort you put into a project. This is especially true in the realm of social media with amassing a loyal following and creating customers. But oddly enough, it’s not all about …

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Blog marketing for SaaS brands

Blog marketing for SaaS brands helps drives loyalty, retention and conversion rates. SaaS brands need to employ strong content strategy and blog marketing to attract and convert customers. One of the most vital parts of acquisition marketing for SaaS brands …

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Improve online lead generation for membership websites

Membership websites and associations often struggle with expanding and retaining their community. Their membership community is their prized possession–one that has to be cultivated and expanded to increase the value of the community. Online lead generation techniques can be useful …

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Benefits of social media for B2B marketing

Social media is important to B2B marketing. Some CMO’s believe a false myth that social media is only appropriate to B2C companies. Participation in social media marketing by B2B marketers has jumped to more than 90% in 2012, according to Marketo, …

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Optimizing websites for PR

Design a brand website to attract journalists, influencers and customers. Increase an organization’s press coverage with a well designed Press Relations section and other PR factors.

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