How Nonprofits Can Build a Case for Recurring Monthly Donations

Recurring donations are monetary gifts that donors commit to giving to your organization on a schedule–typically monthly. Once the donor selects a monthly gift amount and enters their credit card or banking information, their donation is automatically deposited into your …

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8 Reasons Arts Organizations Need to Embrace Digital Marketing

99% of arts organizations have a website, 97% have a social media presence, 85% accept donations online, and 72% sell tickets online. – Pew Research Digital marketing has transformed the arts by enabling organizations to engage with audiences and supporters …

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What is the Best CMS for a Nonprofit Website?

A content management system, or CMS, is the administrative system of your nonprofit’s website that allows your team to add, edit, and manage content quickly and efficiently. A CMS can make it easy for your organization to publish new pages, add news …

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Online Marketing Tips for Charter Schools

  Today, one in every 20 public school children in America attends a charter school. – The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools   Overall charter school enrollment increased by approximately 225,000 students during the 2012-2013 school year. – The …

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Nonprofit Marketing Statistics That Matter

You can view the 2017 updated version of nonprofit marketing statistics here. We are sharing a collection of fascinating nonprofit marketing statistics for 2015. Much of this data came from studies and reports throughout 2012, 2013, and 2014–and we find them …

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Why Nonprofits Should Invest More In Their Websites

Why Nonprofits Should Invest More In Their Websites The nonprofit landscape has changed quite a bit in recent years. Organizations can no longer rely solely on phone calls, mailings, and event marketing to raise money and engage new donors. Today’s …

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Is WordPress good for nonprofits?

The benefits of WordPress for nonprofits. Is Wordpress good for nonprofits? At Ironpaper, we work hard to understand the needs of each nonprofit organization clients in order to make the best content management system recommendation. Wordpress is one of our favorites, and here are a few reasons why we love the platform for nonprofits.

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Is HubSpot a Good Solution for Nonprofit Organizations?

Many nonprofits are misguided in feeling that “every dollar should go to the mission.” Many nonprofits believe, “we can’t spare money for technology.” But by employing the right technology and marketing processes, a nonprofit can become more self-sustaining, expand their reach …

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Attracting micro-donations through nonprofit website fundraising

Nonprofits need to expand their fundraising efforts beyond targeting big money donors. Give some attention to people who can provide micro donations for your nonprofit and cause. These micro-donors may also help become advocates and promoters furthering your organization’s reach and visibility. …

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Funding options for nonprofit websites

Have you thought about how your nonprofit can fund a new website? It can get quite expensive for many nonprofits to overhaul their web presence. You have to factor the cost of developers and designers, or agencies that combine the two. …


6 Steps to Drive Online Donations Through Monthly Giving Programs

Did you know that you can drive online donations for your nonprofit though monthly giving programs? That’s right. In fact, it’s highly recommended, because according to Hubspot, 75% of your new donors will not donate next year. You’re going to …

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4 Ways Nonprofits Can Nurture Donors Using Social Media

Online fundraising is growing fast. This is why nonprofits are looking for ways to nurture donors using social media. Easier said than done? Actually – it’s pretty easy, so long as it is done right. There are dozens of social networks …

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Best WordPress Plugins for Nonprofit Websites

Always on the lookout for ways to improve your nonprofits website and its performance? If the site is built on WordPress, there are many great plugins to choose from. Each of these serve as a quick fix. When used correctly, they …

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Best Donation Tools for Nonprofits

There are many online donation tools available for nonprofits – how can one choose what’s best for their organization? We narrowed down on a few tools that are great for nonprofits and donors alike. Not only are they affordable for …

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Nonprofit marketing statistics for 2014

Nonprofit marketing statistics focusing on fundraising, online marketing, content and social media, and other key nonprofit facts for 2014. Highlights from the 2014 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report: Top nonprofit communication goals for 2014: acquiring new donors, engaging community, general brand awareness …

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Defining digital advocacy for nonprofits

Why is digital advocacy important for nonprofits? Defining digital advocacy for non profit organizations, which include the use of social media, content sharing, blogging and influencing support. Advocacy for nonprofit organizations using social media and online marketing.

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How non-profits should publish news

Rather than waste money by blasting journalists email boxes, consider tapping into your own support network to get the word out. In order to build support, it is vital for non-profits to create a voice. The web is a perfect …

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How to build an effective fundraising website & online donations

Non-profit organizations need to build a base of support to keep their operations and mission on track. But online donations and a strong fundraising website are often weak points for many traditional non-profits.  Typically the web is a place where …

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An effective non-profit arts website

For most non-profit organizations, having an effective online presence is vital for the sustainability of their organization. Within the arts, non-profit websites need to remain interesting as well as influential in order to thrive and fulfill their missions. There are …

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