What is Microdata, and How Can it Help My SEO Ranking?

If you’re really savvy with SEO, you know that there are different techniques to get your website found in search engines. Many marketers are most comfortable with on-page SEO: creating content for keywords, then optimizing that content (like adding header tags, …

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6 Benefits of Microsites

Marketers understand the value of focusing on specific campaign goals. A microsite represents one more way to do this effectively. For many brands, their primary website represents a political hurdle where frequent updates, marketing experiments and timely updates present a challenge for …

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How to make SEO-friendly blog articles

Organic search can be a powerful driver of leads.  For many inbound marketers, search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital channel for lead generation, brand visibility and sales nurturing–and blogs can play a significant role in driving search efforts. In thinking about …

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iOS Mobile Market Stats — Understanding the Apple Audience

Even before the great earbud controversy of 2016, Apple was facing steep competition for global mobile market share. This article’s collection of iOS mobile market stats are telling about the 1 billion active mobile users of Apple. Apple Market Share …

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How will voice search impact SEO?

Some 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search more than once a day, according to Google. Yet what does this search process transformation mean for marketers? How will voice search impact SEO? Voice Search Trends Just three …

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Machine Learning Market Statistics

The global cognitive computing market is expected to reach $12.5 billion in 2019, up from 2.5 billion in 2014, at a CAGR of 38%. — Research and Markets Cognitive computing is another way of describing machine learning, an area of …

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Gotcha! 5 Smart Marketing Insights from Pokémon GO

See what we’ve done here by linking our article to Pokémon GO? We’re tying our marketing insights to a relevant trend. Newsjacking such as this can work — when it’s done well. Learn more about this and four other marketing insights …

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What is Growth Driven Design?

Maybe you see yourself as a modern day Tevye embracing “tradition” as enthusiastically as he does to begin Fiddler on the Roof. Yet, a thoughtful comparison of traditional web design to growth driven design may be compelling enough to have …

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WordPress websites shouldn’t be plugin crazy

When you install a plugin, you are essentially putting someone else’s code within your website. Not all plugins are well-coded. Some are fantastic, while others are less so. Some plugins could pose risks to a website–from causing security issues and …

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Drupal web design best practices

Drupal is a popular framework for developing robust and feature-rich websites. Below are a list of web design best-practices for Drupal. By following these best practices, you will improve the performance, security, architecture and maintenance of your Drupal websites. Drupal web …

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WordPress myth: Large organizations don’t use WordPress

Many organizations overlook WordPress as a CMS option when researching options for their next-generation website. Sure, WordPress is not the ideal tool for all website design projects, but what CMS is? One common myth is that large organizations don’t use …

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The Benefits of WordPress

Benefits of WordPress as a Content Management System. The power of using Wordpress for marketing and SEO an business or enterprise. Using Wordpress as a CMS for businesses.

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Google product search optimization

Product pages for eCommerce and within websites can rank in standard web search, but there is an alternative and additional way to gain search visibility for products. Ecommerce businesses should explore the Google product feed, which is a datasource of …

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Importing Data in Other Languages to a Database with phpMyAdmin from an Excel file

Ironpaper Webintel: By Chris Wallace Are you having trouble importing text from an excel file in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, or another language that uses non-standard characters? When you save a csv directly from the Excel file, it turns the characters …

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GPE 2.4 has ability to create App Engine-connected Android projects

Google is releasing an update to GPE that allows users to bring together two great platforms for development: Android and App Engine, which will allow developers to host their backend service and store their app data on Google’s cloud service. …

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Outline of Google’s new shopping API for web designers

Google has replaced the old Google Base API with a new shopping API, which will allow eCommerce focused users to contribute content and products into Google’s databases and build web applications from Google’s databases. The shopping API program was intended …

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Fix WordPress Quotes By Displaying Straight Quotation Marks

By default, WordPress will convert your straight quotation marks into curvy quotation marks (Smart Quotes or left/right quotes). This function makes the quote marks much prettier than straight quotes, but they have a fundamental problem. When someone tries to cite …

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GoogleCL – Introducing Command Line Access To Google Tools

Google has released a new tool that will cause web developers and high-tech hobbyists to jump for joy.  It is a simple but desired productivity application. GoogleCL is a very simple app that gives command line access to a broad …


HTML 5 Canvas Element

HTML 5 will usher in a whole host of new possibilities for developing without  the need for plugins such as Adobe’s Flash Player. Thoughts on plugins like Flash Player Whether or not Flash is on the way out remains to …

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Turn Your Chrome Browser Into A Free Web Developer Toobox

Use Google Chrome to turn your browser into a web development toolbox. There is a broad range of tools that can allow you to bypass the expensive Adobe Web Standard suite of software and load up your web browser with …

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Content Management For Small Businesses: Does My Business Need A CMS?

Many small businesses facing the decision of building a website come across the question of content management. In essence, the business managers need to balance short term costs and long-term usage of a website. Many business managers find themselves asking: …

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How To Embed Video In A Web Page

This brief article shows how to publish video within a web page using HTML and attributes. Code snippets for video within an HTML page or alternate options of embedding video.

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