Responsive Design

Optimizing eCommerce for Mobile

Mobile has grown past the point of merely driving customers to brick and mortar stores. It has become a central sales point. Mobile customers are task-oriented and brands need to ensure they provide an intuitive mobile eCommerce experience, because unlike desktop …

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Corporate web design tips for 2014

There are many tools in the digital marketing arsenal for corporations and enterprises, but perhaps none as important as the corporate website. Websites play a role in lead generation, brand visibility, PR, customer nurturing, sales and sales nurturing, partner communications, …

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Best practices for website performance

Website performance is a critical part of user-experience, but many web designers forget many website performance best practices. Following these best practices for website performance can help to dramatically improve a site’s user-experience, scalability and SEO. Website performance best practices These …

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10 Web Design Statistics

The practice of web design is a multi-disciplinary exercise. Designers might stand to benefit from adopting a consumer-centric approach that examines analytics, UX research, LEAN process, coding, aesthetics, interactive design theory, cybersecurity, marketing and content strategy. Since websites are often the front …

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Improve online lead generation for membership websites

Membership websites and associations often struggle with expanding and retaining their community. Their membership community is their prized possession–one that has to be cultivated and expanded to increase the value of the community. Online lead generation techniques can be useful …

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How to Decide Between a Responsive Website or a Native Mobile App

As the digital world continues to “go mobile”, today’s brands need to evolved their digital presences and take an analytical look at how to properly present themselves online. Considerations include where in the mobile world their constituents are and how …

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WordPress myth: Large organizations don’t use WordPress

Many organizations overlook WordPress as a CMS option when researching options for their next-generation website. Sure, WordPress is not the ideal tool for all website design projects, but what CMS is? One common myth is that large organizations don’t use …

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The Benefits of WordPress

Benefits of WordPress as a Content Management System. The power of using Wordpress for marketing and SEO an business or enterprise. Using Wordpress as a CMS for businesses.

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Five Tips for Creating a Well Thought Out Responsive Website

Today’s websites are designed, developed and implemented with mobile in mind. Responsive Design, one of the more effective ways to approach designing websites for mobile devices, has quickly emerged as an important way to meet the need. Every decision made …

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Mobile Website Browsing is Here. Is Your Website Ready?

It is clear that today’s internet users spend significant time viewing websites through their mobile devices and that the percentage will only continue to grow. Today’s websites need to be conceptualized, designed and developed with all devices, from desktop to …

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