New Google Tool To Predict Economic Indicators Using Search Volume

Google Finance has a new feature that displays search volume as it relates to economic sectors, using Google Trends as an engine. One goal of this tool would be to predict economic indicators using search volume data. Google Domestic Trends is available for download.

The tool contains 23 indexes: Advertising & marketing, Air travel, Auto buyers, Auto financing, Automotive, Banking & personal finance, Business, Computers & electronics, Construction, Credit & lending, Durable goods, Finance & insurance, Furniture, Industries, Investing, Jobs, Luxury goods, Mortgage, Real estate, Rental, Retail trade, Travel, and Unemployment. Each index value is baselined at 1.0 on January 1, 2004 and is calculated and displayed on the Google Finance charts as a 7-day moving average.

Web based Software Finance System For Predicting Economic Indicators

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