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5 Essential Considerations of IT Transformation (in the Age of AI)

Navigating the evolving landscape of technology can be like traversing a veritable minefield. This is especially true in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). For business leaders, understanding and implementing IT transformation in the age of AI is a strategic imperative, not a siloed IT...

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2024 is an opportunity for growth and a departure from the pandemic past.

How did the pandemic period make things difficult for businesses? The word "unprecedented" became the banner flag of the COVID-19 pandemic period of 2020-2023. You probably heard that word regularly on TV, in the press, with friends, and at work. The frequency of its usage seemed simultaneously...

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Nora Leary Promoted to Vice President of Sales

Ironpaper is excited to announce Nora Leary’s promotion to Vice President of Sales! This promotion is a testament to Nora’s outstanding contributions, unwavering dedication, and exceptional business development skills. Nora joined the Ironpaper team three years ago as a Growth Director. In this...

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AI Hype Won't Drive Software Sales in Healthcare

When it comes to AI in healthcare, the potential is boundless, unfathomable, and likely to revolutionize care on many fronts. But just because new applications for AI in healthcare are proliferating at breakneck speed, it doesn’t mean that the industry can adopt them at the same pace. Tech...

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Unlocking Next-Generation Business Models: IoT Solutions Improve B2B Value Propositions.

Many consumers have Internet of Things (IoT) products in their homes, like Alexa or smart thermostats, but B2B is perhaps the more transformative space for IoT. B2B IoT is reshaping traditional business models, driving operational efficiency, cost savings, and advanced service delivery. Businesses...

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Securing the Future: How IoT Spurs Growth for Cybersecurity Firms

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, so does the need for robust cybersecurity measures. The intersection of these two sectors presents both significant opportunities and challenges. This convergence has profound marketing implications for Cybersecurity firms that wish to grow within a growing...

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Lead Generation

B2B Influencer Marketing Takes Center Stage

The term "influencer marketing" conjures up images of highly followed TikTok or Instagram accounts pawning new products for brands that give them a commission. However, the spotlight is shifting toward the somewhat overlooked realm of B2B influencer marketing, revealing a distinct landscape with...

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Reporting is Crucial for Building Collaborative Client Relationships

In an agency world prone to constant transformation and change, data has the ability to center and focus our work, allowing us to tune out the static and focus on what’s most important — and valuable — for our agency and our clients. Unfortunately, too many agencies often treat reporting as just a...

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Embracing the Digital Revolution in Warehouse Management: Key Trends and Impacts

In the face of escalating market pressures and growing competition, the warehousing industry is undergoing a significant digital transformation. Digital technologies are revolutionizing warehouse operations, enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and fostering a new level of customer visibility....

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content marketing

It Isn’t The Tech; It’s What The Tech Does: An Engineers’ Guide to Buyer-Centric Messaging

You’re the Einstein of fidget spinners! The spinners you pioneered are state-of-the-art. Cutting-edge. Unparalleled. They spin faster than any other fidget-soothing device ever assembled. Why wouldn’t a fidgeter want to buy one? Because buyers often aren’t looking simply to buy the next great...

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