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SEO for B2B companies

Ironpaper is a specialized growth agency. We help B2B companies use SEO to generate visibility, qualified leads, thought leader positioning, and engage sales prospects. SEO can be an ideal channel for businesses with complex sales processes. Our mission is to make marketing programs generate business results--rather than being a cost to the business. 

SEO for B2B companies requires focus. Too many companies fail to identify relevant themes and topics because they are distracted by overly broad search queries. Focusing on the needs and motivations of target buyers will help B2B firms gain a market advantage.

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B2B buyers journey

SEO strategy for B2B companies that have a long sales cycle

We improve the results from both organic and paid search channels. More than on-page optimization is needed to drive results today. We create thought leadership that builds inbound citations and web authority. We optimize websites and landing pages for outcomes--not just meaningless traffic. 

B2B SEO is about focus.

B2B companies can strategically leverage SEO to drive growth, sales opportunities, and meaningful engagement with key decision-makers. By focusing resources on target accounts and ideal customer search queries, businesses can enhance their visibility and position themselves as industry thought leaders. It is crucial to create authoritative, comprehensive content that addresses the needs and challenges of target customers. SEO for B2B is all about focus. Instead of going after overly broad terms, B2B companies must use data to build relevant themes and topics.


Relevant content


Identify the right themes and topics


Build a market presence

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Search strategy for business growth.

Strategy and execution can be gaps for B2B companies. We revamp strategies and execute for results. When Ironpaper builds an SEO strategy, we focus on buying triggers, market forces, trends, and issues that matter to business buyers. 

Is SEO important for B2B?

SEO can be an important channel for B2B. Buyers at all levels of an organization use search engines to research throughout their decision process. SEO for B2B is more than a top-of-the-funnel play. It can empower prospect engagement through each stage of the buying journey--from awareness to final decision. 

SEO is a powerful opportunity for B2B companies. Organic search should be a growth channel for businesses that want consistent customer acquisition.

Metrics that matter.

We help businesses attract, convert, and engage business buyers. We improve the results from organic and paid search while measuring ROI. 

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SEO for account-based marketing

Account-based marketing can benefit from SEO in a meaningful way. Search can drive engagement with target accounts if you have a well-informed content strategy. We create content that engages target buyers from numerous channels. ABM benefits from integration and a better-connected marketing-to-sales journey.

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Integrated marketing drives better results than working in a silo. 

There is power in integrated marketing. Working in silos hurts results. 

Many companies work in a silo. Because of these silos, much of the power of marketing is lost. SEO can be a critical growth channel for B2B companies, but your search strategy must not be optimized in a bubble.

SEO for B2B lead generation

Lead generation is stronger when SEO is considered. We influence buyers in a marketplace by positioning our clients for non-brand topics, ideas, and issues. We create compelling conversion strategies that generate qualified leads who are trying to solve problems for their businesses.  This focus on quality leads is crucial for B2B companies, where long sales cycles and multiple decision-makers make the lead nurturing process challenging.

Through SEO strategies, we can target specific themes and topics that are relevant to ideal customers and industries. By focusing on non-brand keywords and topics, we can attract a wider pool of prospects who are both in-market or about to be in-market. SEO is a vital channel for B2B companies that wish to attract, convert, and engage buyers in different areas of the buying process.


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Measure the impact of SEO for B2B.

We measure the impact of a search strategy on a business. Measurement is key to success. Qualified leads, sales opportunities, and stakeholder engagement are some business outcomes a smart-search strategy can provide.

Evaluating the Impact of SEO for B2B

The impact of SEO on B2B businesses is quantifiable and extends beyond mere web traffic statistics. An effective SEO strategy boosts organic search rankings, visibility, conversion rates, and qualified leads. We measure performance by looking at the impact on the pipeline.

Monitoring and analyzing these metrics regularly is crucial for continuously optimizing our SEO strategies and ensuring they drive real, impactful growth for your B2B business. With Ironpaper, you can be confident that our data-driven, results-oriented approach will maximize your SEO investment.

What is the difference between SEO for B2B and SEO for B2C?

B2B marketing and sales involve a longer sales process, whereas B2C marketing focuses on a shorter decision process which can be an immediate decision at times. 

SEO for B2B involves helping companies be found at various stages of a longer sales cycle. SEO for B2B requires creating content related to buyer pain points, aspirations, competitive factors, market forces, and questions that change as the decision process unfolds. 

  • Search strategy for a complex buying process
  • Content for multiple non-brand topics and keyphrases
  • Answering questions based on multiple buying roles and points of view

A B2B SEO agency

Ironpaper is a B2B agency that uses SEO to build industry awareness, generate qualified leads, and engage sales prospects. We reframe how companies address their markets. Search can be a powerful channel, especially when integrated into a larger content and marketing game plan. Search engine optimization is a vital consideration for B2B companies. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can accelerate B2B growth. SEO strategies are paramount in enhancing visibility, generating leads, and establishing companies as industry thought leaders. SEO for B2B should focus on producing organic growth through targeted, data-driven tactics, including keyword research, content creation, on-page and off-page optimization, authority development, and thought leadership. Quality over quantity is vital. B2B companies must set objective parameters for lead qualifications to ensure sustainable, robust growth. Measuring quality helps ensure SEO is successful.

SEO is seen as a tool to refine go-to-market strategies, build an industry presence, and attract ideal customers. For B2B companies, SEO aims to target specific themes, topics, and search queries that align with their ideal customer profiles, thus contributing meaningfully to business expansion. This strategic approach to SEO underscores the importance of focus, steering away from broad terms to develop relevant themes and topics that cater to target buyers' specific needs and motivations. Ironpaper's mission is to ensure that marketing programs deliver tangible business results rather than becoming a business cost.

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