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Vantage Point

Transitioning into 2024

B2B leaders contended with shifting priorities in 2023, which will have lasting effects throughout next year as the global economy continue to wrestle with volatility and uncertainty.

Buyer needs are evolving in an ever-changing marketplace. Digital transformation is accelerating--even in latent industries.

B2B marketing and sales teams will need to re-evaluate how to survive and grow in an environment ripe with opportunity and risk. Slower growth in the overall market will constrain companies that do not understand and clearly reframe their solutions around buyers' needs. The chaotic market will create wider performance variances between the top and bottom-performing companies. 

Digital adoption is no longer a strategic differentiator. Many companies have more data than ever but struggle to drive action from this data. On top of the chaotic market conditions, the "war on talent" is becoming more bloody.

B2B companies with strong marketing and sales programs will be better positioned for growth. Those who use their data to understand their buyers' needs better will have the clearest path forward in this time of market uncertainty. 

Market forces at play

  • Digital transformation accelerates
  • Skilled talent shortage
  • Gaps between marketing and sales
  • Evolving buyer needs 
  • Increased competition
  • Continual technological disruption
  • The tension between high-demand and low supply or talent capacity
  • Data overload



Only 8.1% of B2B leaders felt their messaging was ”very effective.”


B2B companies said the fact that the needs of buyers are evolving, forcing us to change the way we communicate is impacting their ability to generate revenue.


B2B companies report they generate enough qualified leads. A need to engage and nurture leads is a greater concern.

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