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Segmenting by interest for advertising on Twitter

Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts on Twitter have a new tool that will help advertisers and marketing firms segment audience by interest. Interest targeting will probably go along way helping marketers better discover and promote their content with the right demographic. Truly, social networking websites and apps are probably one of the best positioned tools for finding relevance with an audience based on interests.

Marketing Twitter - social network interest targeting

Twitter’s capabilities as an advertising platform perhaps is locked in this possibility of topical interests. Making advertising relevant and engaging is the key to success for ad platforms, marketers and the advertising industry.

Twitter’s topical industry tool is made up of  350 interest categories across two levels. Top-level categories include common subjects, such as “Movies and Television,” “Music and Radio,” and “Personal Finance.”

Also to spawn advertising activity, Twitter has reduced the minimum bid price for Promoted Products auctions to one cent. The lower minimum bid amount coupled with the interest targeting features will hopefully drive greater ROI.

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