Retail websites had an impressive turnout this November

According to comScore Media Metrix, as the holiday season began this November there was an impressive turnout for retail websites. Of the top ten fastest growing categories of websites, retail websites occupied 9 of the top 10. This being up from 3 of 10 in October.  This is a great sign for online commerce, and many hope that online spending helps and is a reflection of broader economic growth.

The report shows that 87% of the online population visited a retail site in November.

The top ten fastest growing categories in November were:

  • Toys websites (+30% to 23.9 million unique visitors)
  • Consumer electronics websites (+29% to 59.7 million unique visitors)
  • Mall websites, up 28% to 19.8 million total unique visitors;
  • Jewelry/luxury goods/accessories websites, up 26% to 19.8 million;
  • Department stores, up 25% to 90.7 million;
  • Food websites, up 18% to 19.5 million;
  • Home furnishings sites, up 17% to 47.1 million;
  • Consumer goods websites, up 17% to 31.9 million; and
  • Sports/outdoor websites, up 15% to 37.6 million.
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