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Offer Extensions in Adwords gives direct access to deal offers in search

Google has released, ever so quietly, a new tool within Adwords called Offer Extensions that lets marketers post deal offers right in a PPC search ad.

The tool is available to marketers that have upgraded their accounts to Enhanced Campaigns. With the upgraded campaigns, advertisers can find the new option in the “extensions” tab. Google Adwords accounts will get upgraded automatically soon.

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Users who click on the View Offer button will be directed to a Google-hosted landing page supporting the ad. On this page, the advertised discount can be printed out or saved  in a user’s Google Offers account, for redemption in-store.

Benefits of PPC ad offers

There are a couple things to note about this new ad extension.

  1. For one, the ad extension offers more clickable ad space, which helps a PPC ad stand out–driving more clicks to campaigns.
  2. Also, it helps with conversion tracking for offline campaigns–bridging the gap between online ads and in-store results.
  3. Offer Extensions are cheap, and are a great way to avoid launching deal campaigns, which have had mixed results for some businesses.
  4. These advertising offers are easy to set up, and allow advertisers to have control over their offer campaigns.

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