Baby's Touch App

A magical, touch-screen experience for babies, toddlers and young kids

Baby's Touch App - native iOS app design

This app was designed specifically for babies, toddlers and young kids. (It is fun for adults too!) Create bubbles and cute shapes by touching the sky. Tap once to create a single bubble, star or moon, or drag your finger to create a string of shapes that move and pop. If you touch a shape, it will gently pop with a delightful animation. 

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An interactive adventure for kids

As you play with the Baby's Touch app, you may occasionally create a surprise  shape--a magical rainbow, which has a unique sound as it appears and pops. 

This interactive adventure is perfect for distracting your baby during a tantrum or simply having the perfect app to play collaboratively with your child. 

  • Interactive animated shapes: Stars, moons and bubbles
  • Beautiful sky background with a whispering clouds
  • Magical rainbow surprise shapes
  • Gentle sounds
  • Perfect touch screen experience for kids and babies

This app was designed by parents for parents. 

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Baby's Touch App

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Ironpaper designed the iPhone and iPad Baby's Touch app, which is distributed through the Apple iTunes store. This app was designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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