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Microsoft Will Subsidize Your First iPhone

Microsoft will give you a 35% discount for your first iPhone as an effort to promote its new search service This means that you could get an 8G iPhone for 65 bucks thanks to Microsoft–a 3G S will run you 129 and a 32G iPhone will cost about $194.35 with Microsoft’s rebate program. At this point you are probably asking yourself, why would Microsoft help push Apple products (at the expense of its core business) just to promote its search service using the ever popular (Apple product) iPhone. Perhaps Google is an even bigger and more feared rival than Apple? With Google’s push towards online business office software, Microsoft’s bread and butter product suite, the Microsoft Office product suite, is directly threatened.

Here are the instructions for getting the deal:

New iPhone Contracts Only:

1.) Visit AT&T Wireless website — validate your email address with Premier.
2.) Check your email; then click the link to your AT&T Premier Store
3.) Open a new tab with the same browser that your AT&T Premier Store is open in
4.) Go to in the new tab and search “att wireless” or “at&t wireless”
5.) Click the 35% CashBack Sponsored Link
6.) Sign into your CashBack account and get redirected to the main AT&T Wireless page
7.) In the top right enter the term “Premier” into the search bar.
8.) Click the first link that reads “at&t premier login”
9.) You will get directed to the same Premier store you have open in the original tab
10. NOW, you are in the Premier store under the CashBack AT&T Site

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