B2B Articles - Jul 17, 2010 2:09:04 AM

Reddit Asks For Help From Users And Shows Off Some Web Traffic

Reddit, the social news website, asked it's readers for some financial help. The website was having staffing troubles and overall difficulties keeping the site running. Oddly enough, the website is owned by Conde Nast.

The ask prompted over 6,000 users of the site to donate, which was a tremendous success. Users who donated where offered a gold status badge, which will bestow extra benefits. This may pave the way for a new business model for the social news site.

Reddit administration also defended the website against statistics offered by Compete, Quantcast, & Nielsen, which shows the site only generating less than 1 million monthly unique visits. This is just not true, claim the Reddit staffers who provided a screen view of their Google Analytics account from June 14 through July 14th of 2010, which shows the site generating 36 million Visits and 8 million unique visitors.

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