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Social media is a top website traffic driver for 78% of travel sites

The most recent report, L2 Digital IQ Index for travel,  explored "digital competency" of travel brands and found that airlines and hotels were the most successful. One of the most fascinating points of the study showed how users will often return back to social media websites after investigating a destination website of a travel brand. This behavior reveals a lesser explored opportunity for travel websites.

Within the study, airlines rose to the top. Delta, Southwest and American Airlines took the top three positions for "digital competency." It makes sense that the airline industry is a path-finder for Internet innovation, since more than 50% of airline sales are made online.

Central to the study was the role that social media took in the conversion of customers.

A few report highlights:

  • 78% of travel websites showed that social media was one of the top sources of referral traffic
  • After visiting a destination (brand) website, 90% of customers returned back to social media websites
  • 72% of websites don't use any social sharing tools
  • 40% of travel websites do not employ video as part of their messaging

There is a direct relationship between the Digital IQ of hotels and growth in Average Daily Rate.

Here are the top scores within the report for the travel industry:
Top 10:

1. Delta Airlines
2. Southwest
3. American Airlines
4. W Hotels
5. Hilton Hotels & Resorts
6. Westin Hotels & Resorts
7. Continental Airlines
8. Lufthansa
9. Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
10. Inter-Continental Hotels & Resorts

L2 Digital IQ Index for travel:
The L2 Digital IQ Index®: Travel measures the digital competence of 89 travel brands across airlines, hotels, and cruise companies.
Authors: George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) and ISM

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