B2B Articles - Jul 23, 2011 10:19:40 AM

Google to extend Google+ business tools for online marketing

By Q3 2011, Google will unveil new business tools for Google+ that will be much more sophisticated and contain better reporting and analytics features.

Some businesses that decide not to wait may suffer, because the data from personal profiles will not be able to be ported over to the business profile accounts. This fate will resemble the Facebook problem of having a "business profile" that was created using a personal FB account--it simply lacks the features that a business would need.  Google's initial goal was to focus Google+ on consumers and discourage commercial, non-individual entities from participating. Of course, part of this rational is to build an experience that caters to the individual user, whom would serve as the base of the program. That is probably the reason why Google enterprise and Apps accounts are prohibited from Google+ currently. Only personal accounts are allowed.

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