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Firefox 7 focuses on a speedy web

Frefox 8 web browser iconMozilla has released Firefox 7 web browser, which promises to be speedier than previous versions. This is great news for most all web users, as websites demand more from their browsers. The significant speed boosts will certainly be felt by those that leave a lot of tabs open or leave their browser running for extended periods of time. Supposedly, the new version of the web browser offers a 50 percent reduction in memory use. This is a critical focus of Mozilla, as many users are attracted to Google’s Chrome for it’s simplicity and fantastic speed.

Also, web designers may be excited to seeĀ  web sockets enabled by default again in Firefox 7. There have been some useful improvements to usability and user experience as well–no more will websites force resize your main browser window–Firefox kills this process. For those concerned with add-on compatibility, the organization expresses a high level of confidence that most add-ons will be safe with the latest update to the web browser.

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