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How popular will QR codes be for malware developers?

QR codes are being popularized by companies all around the world, yet studies suggest that consumer usage isn't so hot. According to a study by Toluna Quick, only 31% of UK users and consumers knew what QR codes were. Also in that study, only 19% of consumers actually scanned a QR code on their mobile device. A similar study by Simpson Carpenter revealed that only 11% of consumers actually used QR codes. Also, according to a survey by eConsultancy.com, only 64% of consumers have an idea of what a QR code is used for.

Despite these numbers, companies are forging ahead with the use of QR codes, which will certainly expand their popularity through exposure. There is another hurdle in the way of QR codes popularization. As they become more popular, they could easily be used as a vector of attack against consumers or to further the spread and infection of malware programs. According to the International Business Times, in an article QR Codes May Contain Malware, Kaspersky Lab has discovered the first known incident of QR code tampering. The incident occurred in Russia in Sept 2011, where  mobile internet users were tricked into believing they were downloading a new Android app called Jimm, but the application instead caused the phones to send numerous SMS codes to a premium rate number (similar to 900 numbers) that charged for each message--about $6 for each text.

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