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Getting more than a 1000 crawl errors from Webmaster Tools data

Google recently updated it's Webmaster Tools, and Vanessa Fox (the original creator of Google Webmaster Tools) wasn't happy.

Among the updates in the Webmaster Tools system was a reduction in the number of errors a web designer or webmaster would receive from the application. The system will now only document up to 1000 errors from within the administrative portal of Webmaster Tools. However, using the GData API you can still receive up to 100,000 URLs for each error with programmatic access.

Two different types of files are available regarding crawl errors:

  1. Download of 8 CSV files: 1 of which is a list of all crawl errors
  2. Crawl errors feed: enabling developers to programatically retrieve 25 errors at a time

Crawl error data is essentially available in four ways:

  1. User interface display
  2. User interface-based CSV download
  3. API-based download
  4. API-based feed

In her article in Search Engine Land, Vanessa Fox elaborates on the specifics of each way of retrieving the crawl error data from the tool.

SOURCE: https://searchengineland.com/google-webmaster-tools-crawl-errors-how-to-get-detailed-data-from-the-api-115153

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