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Google Releases its Penguin Update in order to Cut Down Spam

Goggle recently launched the Google Penguin Update, an update that Google hopes will cut down on spam and penalize  companies using spamming tactics. The update is designed to help Google identify individuals engaging in behavior that manipulates search engine rankings. Tactics such as keyword stuffing content or nonsensical spun articles are classic tactics that will be easier to identify.

Many professionals in the industry do not agree with what Google considers to be spam. This means it becomes more and more important that marketers know SEO basics to continue to have success. Since the initial April 24th update many companies have lost traffic and revenue.

Google wants to cut down spam tactics that have been causing unfair search engine results. Internet marketing firms will need to adjust their tactics so that they do not fall under the new guidelines and penalties.  In order to do so, need to start by figuring out exactly what traffic has dropped.


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