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Webmaster guidelines now available for Bing

SEO Documentation just in time for the holidays

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Bing has published it's first set of webmaster guidelines to help business owners and website authors better understand the best practices related to SEO for Bing’s search engine. This documentation comes just in time for the holidays and for the period of "big ask" from non-profits throughout the country.

The guidelines are available in the Help section of Bing’s Webmaster Tools as a new entry under the “Content Guidelines” section.

Website owners and web designers are hungry for having greater access to the formula underneath search sites like Google and Bing. The details provided within this Help section regarding the juicy SEO details of links and social media in very general terms...as expected. The technical details are not as thorough as Google's guidelines for SEO and semantic coding however.

Another vitally useful piece of documentation for SEO practitioners and marketers is the Webmaster FAQs (PDF).  https://download.microsoft.com/download/4/5/4/454C13D4-D94D-4B54-8E46-FE403DF7632B/WMC_FAQ.pdf

As the holidays are upon us, countless eCommerce websites will be vying for precious top positions within Google organic listings and within it's paid rankings. Also, at the same time, non-profits throughout the US will be trying to leverage the web to gain greater visibility for their causes and to win new supporters. Many non-profits are beginning to use search to drive potential supporters to their fundraising websites and campaign touch-points.

These recently released pieces of documentation will be quite useful for DYI website managers eager to gain an edge in search and understand the basics of SEO.

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