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Facebook touts it's platform for web developers

Facebook wants to attract more developers to build applications, websites and games with it's platform in mind.

Today is published some data on why web designers and developers should treat the social media giant as a development platform. This appeal is published in the wake of increasing competition for developer and designer talent across the web.

Certainly, the case is clear. Facebook is increasing becoming a useful resource for applications and websites--with tools like FB sign-in and open graph.

"Facebook creates a stronger network effect and connection to the game and among gamers, which results in higher retention with our games. Features like a leaderboard and gifting keep users engaged as they progress through game levels together, while at the same time attracting new players." - Perry Tam, CEO of Storm8

Facebook can be a useful tool in building membership.  The login features can help compel users to take the plunge and take an app for a test drive without the pain of having to create a new account. The Facebook API simply taps into their FB account to gain access to apps, websites and games.

"Besides seeing greater results from the players who connect to our games with Facebook, these people also play and pay more, which are essential parts of every game's success." - Anton Krasnyy, Founder of Murka

For example, with Bingo Blitz by Buffalo Studios Facebook users comprise 55% of the iPad app's user base and total 62% of the app's revenue. Most examples were provided in the promotional piece, but certainly the web developer community holds the platform in high esteem.

Source: Facebook Developer: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2013/01/24/the-value-of-a-facebook-connected-mobile-user/


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