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Using eBay to jumpstart mobile eCommerce for retailers

Many retailers have begun to solidly shift more focus online with eCommerce websites and digital marketing efforts.

From national chains to one-off stores, retailers  often cannot compete (even offline) without having a solid digital presence. Customers use the Internet for everything from research & decision making to emotional buying and loyalty purchases.

Now, retailers need to dive deeper into the digital brand-scape by working with multiple platforms–beyond traditional desktop. This may be a challenge for some retailers in terms of cost. It may be costly to not have a mobile strategy, and developing a mobile website or app, may be a stretch for some smaller brands and stores.

One idea for beginning a mobile strategy for eCommerce is to use eBay. The eCommerce giant can help brands gain a toehold in mobile strategy, while not having to invest in a more costly independent mobile app or mobile responsive website. Ebay can help give retail stores the ability to start early with developing a mobile strategy, see how mobile shoppers react to products, test pricing and packages, and run other eCommerce experiments to see how customer needs can be met.

The insights gained from these experiments with eBay commerce can serve as a foundation for future investments in mobile eCommerce strategy.

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