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Youtube SEO focusing on longer watch time

Youtube logoYoutube has a new search algorithm update that changes the way user-generated video are competitively ranked.

This update will certainly cause eCommerce managers, digital marketers and media managers to pay attention.

The ranking update will focus on the total "watch time" for a video--the amount of time a video is played. Ultimately the longer users watch a particular video will matter more than how many times people view it. Many marketers may find solice to this ranking challenge in user-generated video, as user-generated videos are more than informative typically. User-generated video content is often funny, which can provoke Youtube users to stay and watch longer. It seems apparent that the underlying intent of this ranking update is to measure a video’s impact and engagement.

Ultimately, quality may be a focus for user-generated video after all--"less clicking, more watching" using Google's words.

This will affect eCommerce marketers in a meaningful way, because, as many of us know, video testimonials and product demos or tours are impactful and can be influential on a buyer. User-generated video may become a much longer focus for eCommerce marketing, over self-published video.

A few tips for marketers and eCommerce website owners:

  • Offer a way for users to upload or submit video to your website
  • Express your interest in hosting customer videos about your products
  • A/B testing can help determine which user-generated video content attract the most "watch time" and conversions
  • Support your customers interest in generating content for your business

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