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When is the peak web browsing time of day?

Marketers of all varieties are ever in pursuit of greater context for advertising. Context can span from related interests, social connectedness, physical environment or time of day.

A new report by Chitika helps to shed light on web browsing behavior. The Chitika study of web browsing by time of day reveals that 9pm is the peak browsing time on smartphones and tablets in the US and Canada. Desktop behavior is different. For desktops, the peak web browsing time is during the workday.

Marketing report - web browsing behavior by time of day

Web browsing behavior by time of day for US and Canada markets

The report data was sampled from tens of millions of mobile and desktop web ad impressions within the ad network.

Web browsing by time

SOURCE: March 2013, Hour-by-Hour Examination: Smartphone, Tablet, and Desktop Usage Rates, https://chitika.com/browsing-activity-by-hour

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