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Consumers suggest retailers improve cross-channel marketing integration

According to a report by Accenture, 49% of US consumers feel that brands and retailers can improve the shopping experience by better integrating marketing efforts across channels. The integration should unify the experience between in-store, online and mobile shopping channels.

Report: Improve shopping experience for retail and eCommerce by integrating marketing

The report states that this sentiment is shared in other countries as well, including UK, Germany, France, Sweden and Brazil. The call-to-action is clear for retail and eCommerce brands--design a seamless cross-channel experience for customers. Use every engagement channel to launch personalized and relevant experiences for individuals or, at least, segments of shoppers.

The report provides an example of this cross-channel integration. The example states that 53% of consumers wish to receive unique pricing, automatic discounts, free returns, or pre-sales based on their loyalty and purchase history with a brand. This applies across all channels. Ultimately, marketers and marketing agencies need to consider integration of product, promotion, and pricing across all engagement channels.

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