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Social sharing leads video discovery for mobile

According to a report by Telly and conducted by Harris Interactive, 35% of mobile device users watch videos on their device. Interestingly, with this group of mobile users, 67% find the video content by way of social sharing and recommendations--including social networking applications, mobile email or text. Search engine discovery is another large driver of video content discovery--representing 41% of mobile video watchers.

mobile video discovery

Younger adults between the ages 18-­34 are much more likely to watch video content on their mobile device than other age groups:

  • Ages 18-­34(65%)
  • Ages 35-­‐44 (43%)
  • Ages 45-­‐54 (31%)
  • Ages 55+ (12%)

Discovery of videos online

  • 67% watch videos that are shared by social recommendations
  • 64% search for videos using a mobile app like the YouTube or Vimeo apps
  • 45% watch videos that are shared by their friends / connections on a social network mobile app
  • 41% watch videos via search engines on their mobile device
  • For more stats see the report: https://s3.amazonaws.com/twitvid-blog/Telly_Harris_Study_Final.pdf

REPORT STATS: Conducted in the United States between from April 22-­‐24, 2013 among 2,066 adults ages 18 and older (of whom 1,879 were identified as mobile device owners). The study was conducted using the Quick Query omnibus product.

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