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B2B procurement and online buying

Gen Y B2B buyers are more inclined than their older B2B buyers to purchase online. These findings come from a recent study by the Acquity Group titled 2013 State of B2B Procurement Study.

B2B procurement

The survey focused on corporate buyers with annual budgets exceeding $100,000.

Ultimately the survey showed that 90% of those aged 18-35 and charged with B2b procurement make company purchases online. Also, the study pointed out that 40% resort to eCommerce B2B purchasing frequently. Also an interesting point emerging from the study is how younger B2B buyers seem to spend more time researching their purchases.

  • 90 percent of buyers age 18-35 make company purchases online
  • 68 percent of buyers age 36-45 make company purchases online
  • 45 percent of buyers age 46-60 make company purchases online
  • 29 percent of buyers age 60+ make company purchases online

This study is relevant to B2B marketers and providers, as it points to a new trend in procurement.

SOURCE: Acquity Group - Acquity Group Study Finds B2B Suppliers Unprepared for Gen Y Procurement Preferences -  https://www.acquitygroup.com/News-And-Ideas/News/Acquity-Group-Study-Finds-B2B-Suppliers-Unprepared

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