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The best last touch customer acquisition channels for eCommerce

A new study by Custora focuses on ecommerce last-touch customer acquisition channels--exploring the data of 72 million customers of 86 US retailers across 14 industries. The report analyzes which marketing channels perform the best for eCommerce acquisition.

Within 2013, the top customer acquisition channels for eCommerce marketing:

  • Organic search (SEO) - 15.81%
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) - 9.82%
  • Email - 6.84%
  • Referral - 6.39%
  • Google (combined SEO and CPC) - 1.72%.

eCommerce customer acquisition channels


Lesser performing eCommerce website traffic drivers were banner advertising; Facebook; PPC; affiliate marketing; Twitter; and CPM advertising. These digital marketing channels were responsible for more than 1% of customers acquired. This study focuses specifically on last-touch customer acquisition channels and does not demonstrate the value of channels that may begin the relationship. For this reason, the study under values social media marketing's role in eCommerce customer acquisition, which can play a part in all stages of the conversion funnel, including post-sale. The study does not take into account the reinforcement of multi-channel marketing on the acquisition and conversion process for digital marketing.

SOURCE: E-Commerce Customer Acquisition Snapshot: Custora. Acquisition channels were obtained via the “utm_medium” tag in Google Analytics.


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