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Install from web, Firefox OS apps level the playing field

Firefox mobile OSApps for for the new FirefoxOS are going to be loved by web designers. FirefoxOS apps are simply HTML5 apps--basically a mobile-optimised website that includes a manifest file.

Firefox OS is will differentiate itself from other mobile platforms in a couple ways, including the app discovery process. It will be much easier for mobile and web designers to have their apps discovered on FirefoxOS than other platforms, and hopefully FirefoxOS will pave the way for other companies to follow suit.

  • With HTML5 apps you write for the web which allows search and social to be discovery channels
  • This radically changes distribution for mobile app marketing

App discovery

This change is mobile app discovery will help level the playing field for small businesses and merging agencies or web designers. Additionally, the user will benefit from having greater availability of content and reduce the risk of trial and error of experiencing new apps. Firefox will provide more options for users in discovering new apps, and this program will reward designers and developers will more channels to promote and converse about their mobile web content--expanding the playing field. This will be a big help to responsive web designers, as they will have the tools necessary to build mobile apps for the new FirefoxOS.

Not limited to the app marketplace

App designers will not be limited to the marketplace for promoting their apps and digital content. The primary differentiator between Android/iOS and FirefoxOS will be the "Install from Web" capability with mobile apps. This allows designers to promote their apps within search and social channels, while providing direct access to their HTML5 apps. Apps can be installed directly from the web or from Mozilla's marketplace.  Users will love this because download times will be decreased and less memory will be consumed by the app. Also, this new system will allow for “try before you buy,” which will help to improve the quality of content distributed within the marketplace.

Install from web

var button = document.querySelector('#install');button.addEventListener('click', function(ev) {

var installapp = navigator.mozApps.install(manifestURL);

installapp.onsuccess = function(data) {

// App is installed... Yea! Go HTML5 web apps!!!!


installapp.onerror = function() {

// App wasn't installed, info is in  - bummer dude. Maybe you need more coffee?

// installapp.error.name  


}, false);

SOURCE: Firefox Mozilla Blog

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