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Mixpanel Announces A Conference About Analytics.

Over the past year Mixpanel has grown, adding new customers and expanding the amount of data it tracks. They claim they analyze more than 15 billion actions a month. As they strive to better understand their users, Mixpanel has announced the launch a conference about data-driven decision making. Analytics are important to understanding where your growth and users are coming from and how you can attract more customers.mixpanel-logo

Mixpanel is a customizable version of Google Analytics that allows administrators to dig deep and find out what users are doing. They now has more than 1,300 mobile apps and websites paying to use their platform, and together, they’re analyzing more than 15 billion actions each month. Revenue is growing 10 percent each month, and it’s adding about a billion more interactions each month. They also write Mixpanel Trends, a free data set that it recently released to anyone who wants to know what people are doing with those 15 billion actions.

Mixpanel's DDC2013 conference is about bringing together smart people to make analytics understandable and pertinent. They have enlisted 21 speakers and they will talk about how analytics is affecting decision making across the board from product design to marketing.

Mixpanel is a Andreessen Horowitz-backed analytics startup.

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