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Bing upgrades their user-experience for eCommerce search

Bing announced that it will be closing Bing Shopping, the product destination that runs on merchant product feeds from the Bing Merchant Center. The company instead is launching Bing Product Search in it's place.

search upgraded for Bing ecommerce users - eCommerce search

New features like the new image carousel will improve the user-experience and design of the application for eCommerce search when compared to it's predecessor. It will incorporate Snapshot ("Satori" technology) to display expanded product details such as specs and reviews. The user-experience upgrades will help provide more context for eCommerce users as they browse and research products through search.

Product pricing and availability, pulled directly from the eCommerce website seller, will be displayed inside search results--a feature called Rich Captions, which is already employed by Google for eCommerce search.

For example, if you are in the market for a new camera. Simply enter “dslr camera” and you will see a category snapshot with the top dslr cameras. You might have heard about a specific Canon model, you click on the <Canon EOS 6D> and you will see our new Carousel so you can quickly browse other related products that might be of interest and then narrow down the selection that best meets your needs.

The upgraded experience will launch over the next few months, the company announced in their blog post Find it Faster with Bing Product Search.

SOURCE: https://www.bing.com/blogs/site_blogs/b/search/archive/2013/08/23/find-it-faster-with-bing-product-search.aspx

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