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A web developer staple expands, Firebug 1.12

Firebug is an open source project maintained by developers from around the world and is designed to improve the speed and ease of the web development process. The tool is vital to many web developers' process.

Firebug 1.12 has been released, and it contains a slew of new features.  To pick out a few...

The updated Firebug contains a Filter for DOM Events Log, which allows web developers to filter DOM event logging that is set for specific element. This feature makes it easy to pick which events should be logged in the filter for a selected website element.

The Infotip for HTTP Request Timings has been improved. This feature displays individual HTTP requests displayed in the Net panel as a little waterfall graph.

web developer tool

Copy a network request as cURL from the terminal window as a simple, one-step command: Copy as cURL.

cUrl - development command

Full list of new Firebug 1.12 features

  1. Copy CSS Properties
  2. New Net Panel Filters
  3. Filter for DOM Events Log
  4. Autocompletion Popup Improved
  5. Use in Command Line
  6. Group Console Messages
  7. Better Infotip for HTTP Request Timings
  8. Multiple Filters for Console & Net Panel
  9. Toggle Visibility of Side Panels
  10. Store the result of the last command line evaluation in $_
  11. New command: getEventListeners()
  12. Copy as cURL
  13. Precision for Console API %f log pattern
  14. Show/hide stack arguments
  15. CSS Panel Improvements


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