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Top Search Queries in Webmaster Tools to be extended to one year

A tool in Webmaster Tools by Google tells website owners what the top terms being used to find their websites.

Top Search Queries in Google Webmaster Tools

This search data has been available for up to 90 days.

The Top Search Queries tool will be extended to one year, reports Search Engine Land. The website's researchers found a discrepancy between Google Webmaster Tools and Adwords. The discrepancy was that there was no set limit for publishers who imported that data into Google AdWords accounts.

There’s no timing on when the change will happen. Search Engine Land on Sep 6 accused Google of withholding data from organic search inquiries and sharing the bulk of their data with advertisers--which was a relatively new course of action for the company.  The website called this approach "Dark Google" and insisted that Google began holding back information it previously gave to publishers for free in order to drive more sales. This announcement for an increase in duration for Top Search Queries may be related to Search Engine Land's voiced, public concern. See also the article on the reduction in the number of errors in Webmaster Tools.

Reference: Google’s Inadvertent Plan To Withhold Search Data & Create New Advertisers - https://searchengineland.com/googles-plan-to-withhold-search-data-create-new-advertisers-171205

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