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Online shopping and Black Friday

The web is becoming increasingly important for Black Friday shoppers. Many shoppers are showing signs that eCommerce is preferred to visiting physical stores, as indicated in a survey by Ipsos Public Affairs for Offers.com.

Many store owners are wondering where they should place time, energy and resources--web, in-store, social media, events, etc. Among survey respondents from Ipsos Public Affairs, 18% are planning to shop primarily online during Black Friday. A smaller group of shoppers (15%) stated that they plan to shop mostly at physical retail stores.  About 20% of those surveyed stated their shopping on Black Friday would be a mix of eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

Percentage of shoppers that plan to shop online during Black Friday

  • 20% of shoppers plan to shop both online and in-store
  • 18% plan to shop primarily online
  • 15% plan to shop primarily in-store

eCommerce shopping preferences

Certainly, eCommerce websites are a large portion of the mix. Efforts should be made to connect online and offline sales strategy. Marketing automation may also play a large role in driving sales based on interests, tastes and buying behavior.

An eMarketer estimate puts US online shopping at $61.8 billion spend this year in November and December. Retailers cannot neglect their web presences. By building a robust digital strategy that includes mobile, email marketing, automation and social media, retailers can build exposure through the holiday season, while driving sales for a hyper-connected customer base.

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