Dec 15, 2013 7:32:03 PM

Easier web development with Google Plus sign-in

application web development with Google PlusGoogle recently released new updates for Google Plus sign-in to make it easier for web developers to build applications that include the passport system to create accounts on third-party websites.

The new updates include:

  1. Support for all Google account types. Supports accounts from all across the Google universe.
  2. Easy migration from other auth methods. Any easy way to upgrade to Google+ Sign-In from OpenID v2 or OAuth 2.0 Login. This feature includes over-the-air installs, interactive posts, and cross-device sign-in.
  3. Incremental auth. Request users for specific permission scopes versus all permissions at once.

With the release of incremental auth, web developers can build applications using Google+ Sign-In asking for the minimum set of permissions in the beginning, then request for more permissions only when they’re required later in the process.

Google+ sign-in web development