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Americans as likely to own a desktop computer as to own a VCR

Some electronic devices have fallen out of fashion in recent years, according to a recent poll by Gallup.  A new report called, Americans' Tech Tastes Change With Times, show how tastes change over time. Devices connected to the Internet, however, have gained appeal as others have fallen out of favor.

US tastes for electronic devices over the years

The Gallup study measured the penetration rates of fourteen electronic devices among 18-29-year-olds and those aged 65 and up.

  • Smartphones: 63% points higher among the youngest group
  • Video games: 54% points
  • Web streaming service: 47% points
  • iPod/MP3 music player: 47% points
  • Laptop computer: 38% points

Although the results of the report are expected, nevertheless exploring the data is very interesting. Yes, there are clear generational differences in technology and device ownership.  Exploring device preferences and trends certainly can help the next generation of start-ups envision new products and services that will appeal to consumers of various age groups. For example, smartphone ownership among the young is nearly universal. Smart phones are the most common device of the young.

The report shows some interesting and fun facts about the American public. For example, Americans are about as likely to own a desktop computer (57%) as they are to own a VCR (58%).

SOURCE: Gallup, January 6, 2014: Americans' Tech Tastes Change With Times

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