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Google gains on Facebook for web app logins

Both Google+ and Facebook offer API login functionality, which essentially acts as a passport system to allow third-party web developers to build authentication systems.

According to newly-released data from Janrain, Google is gaining popularity for use as an authentication/login system within third-party web applications and websites. During Q4 2013, Facebook remained flat with 45% share of logins, compared to Google's gain of 2.5% points. Google's marketshare for social logins is about 35%. This 10% difference between the two is growing more narrow--and has never been closer than now.

social login marketshare for web development


Twitter trails Google, Facebook and Yahoo with 5.7% social login marketshare.

Google recently updated it's Google+ sign-in system to make it easier for web development and the creation of third-party applications and websites. The updates included:

  • Support for all Google account types.
  • Easy migration from other auth methods
  • Incremental auth. - Request users for specific permission scopes

SOURCE: Janrain, Social Login Trends Across the Web for Q4 2013,  https://janrain.com/blog/social-login-trends-across-the-web-for-q4-2013/

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