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Shopping cart abandonment emails help increase revenue for eCommerce websites

Shopping cart abandonment emails can be a vital tool in the eCommerce marketer's toolbox. Stated simply, cart abandonment emails help drive additional revenue and therefore should not be neglected. Coupled with remarketing, eCommerce website businesses can use the combination of cart abandonment emails and re-targeted advertising to bring customers back into the shopping process.

Shopping cart abandonment emails

Ecommerce shopping cart abandonment is one of the largest problems facing eCommerce brands today. According to a survey by eDigitalResearch and IMRG, 77% of eCommerce shoppers abandoned their shopping carts in 2013.

One of the top reasons for cart abandonment was cited in the eDigitalResearch survey as high delivery charges. Many customers simply add products to their cart to check prices of delivery. By hiding costs, eCommerce websites are making users frustrated, and without a re-engagement strategy in place, they are losing both relationships and sales in the process.

Why are shopping cart abandonment emails important?

  • Over an eighth (13.3%) of shopping cart abandonment emails are clicked and nearly half are opened
  • More than a third (35%) of these emails clicks lead to a purchase back on the website

Cart abandonment emails need to be well-designed and well-timed. Messaging and the re-engagement offer should be refined and studied. These emails represent a huge opportunity for eCommerce websites, as they can serve as a diving board back into the ordering process.

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