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So Long IE7. Companies Elect to Replace PCs Over Supporting Internet Explorer 7.

It’s cheaper to purchase a new computer than to keep supporting Microsoft’s legacy browser.

internet_explorer_7_logoNursingJobs, a company that connects nurses with medical facilities and patients, said they will buy new computers for customers who are using compouters with Microsoft’s IE7 browser.

“We are offering to buy a new computer with a modern browser for any of our customers who are stuck with IE7,” said NursingJobs’ Robert Gentel in a recent blog post. “We determined that it would cost us more to support a browser from 2006 in 2014 and beyond than it would to help our clients upgrade their legacy hardware.”

NursingJobs recently launched a new jobs website. “The new site supports ┬ámobile and tablets which our users prefer,” Gentel said. “Unfortunately, this also means that we have had to make the decision to leave Internet Explorer 7 users behind, a decision we did not take lightly.”

Supporting older browsers is a struggle for Web developers who want to take advantage of the latest functionalities and faster JavaScript. it also makes life difficult for IT departments trying to maintain systems while offering the latest advancements.

While Chrome and Firefox automatically update themselves, Microsoft hasn’t implemented auto-updating.

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