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How big is the tablet market in the US?

How many people own tablets in the US?

tablet market: mobile web design strategyA new study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) sheds some light on tablet ownership in the US. About 44% of US online consumers owned tablets as of December 2013. The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project adds to this market insight by sharing a similar number... About 42% of US adults now own a tablet says a recent Pew survey from 2014. There has been an 8% in tablet ownership from 4 months ago.

The Pew Research Center study also explored demographic information about tablet ownership. Here are some top-level findings:

  • The 30-49 age group has the highest adoption rate – of 52%
  • The 18-29 age group has a 48% penetration rate
  • 59% of college graduates report ownership of a tablet
  • 45% of respondents with some college education
  • 29% of those with no college education
  • 32% of Americans aged 18 and up own an e-reader

Another interesting finding comes from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) poll:

  • 7 in 10 online consumers anticipate buying a tablet in the near future

This data shows the importance of tablets and mobile responsive web design for enterprises, eCommerce and for marketing in general. It is growing increasingly vital for businesses to adopt and iterate a mobile strategy. Such a strategy should extend beyond just the brand website, and should be considered within multiple communication platforms for a brand.

DATA on US tablet market:

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  2. Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) - https://www.ce.org/News/News-Releases/Press-Releases/2013-Press-Releases/Tablet-Ownership-Rate-Reaches-New-High-of-44-Perce.aspx




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